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Last Update: February 25, 2022

This homepage and these disease guidelines contain easy-to-understand information about diseases of the liver and bile ducts. People diagnosed with these diseases or their family members are likely to have a number of questions. Please send your questions and inquiries to the email address listed below. You may use English. Physicians who specialize in each of these diseases will answer your email. Although you do not have to tell us your name, please include your age and sex if possible.

People diagnosed with intractable diseases of the liver and bile ducts such as AIH, PBC, and PSC, and their family members.

EMAIL ADDRESS (you may copy and paste the address on the left)

*A physician who specializes in your disease will respond to your inquiry. However, please understand that the physician's comments are no more than general advice, and thus, the physicians are unable to take ultimate responsibility for your treatment. In cases in which general information is insufficient, we may be able to respond to inquiries about your individual symptoms.

*Normally, we respond to inquiries within one week. If you do not receive a response, it may indicate that we have not received your message. In such cases, please contact us at the number listed below.
*Please do not use the phone number to ask medical-related questions.

Department of Internal Medicine, Teikyo University School of Medicine
Office of the Intractable Hepato-Biliary Diseases Study Group in Japan
TEL: 03-3964-1211 (ext. 34647)

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